Unprecedented Operational Productivity Through Superior Financial Technology

Unprecedented Operational Productivity through superior Financial Technology. This is what we do – help banks leverage superior technology to enhance their organization’s operational efficiency. The Polaris group has successfully implemented solutions in all domains of Banking and Insurance. This displays our breadth of knowledge in technology and our depth of understanding of the domain. In this issue of Fintellect we have shared a few such success stories.
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Complexity Reduction in Global Banking

The international banking scenario is experiencing changes that are driven by business needs (leading to business remodeling), increasing regulatory requirements, increasing operational costs and consequential decreasing margins. The global economy continues to impact the banking industry. To add to the existing challenges, aging IT infrastructure fall short in meeting increasing consumer demands and other requirements or meet increasing competition. This issue of Fintellect highlights our solutions to the Retail Banking sector. The issue is replete with case studies and analyst report accolades that showcase our prowess in offering world-class Retail Banking solutions to global clients. With an integrated portfolio of building, maintaining, supporting, extending and expanding Financial Technology infrastructure, we provide our clients the biggest opportunity to reduce complexity within their infrastructure, thus making them more efficient.
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CBX 3.0 – Delivering Superior User Experience

At Polaris, we take great pride in continual innovation in Financial Technology, and it starts from our definition of what we do. This Corporate Banking special issue of Fintellect highlights the solutions showcased at Sibos 2011. It elucidates our prowess in these domains through solution-specific case studies and the benefits that these solutions offer clients.
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Paving The Way Through Financial Technology Leadership

The term 'Technology' is relatively new. Its usage has become commonplace only since the late 1930s. However, the impact that technology has on all of us, across industries and domains, is profound. Today, as we talk of leveraging business through innovative technological application, the key question is on how to leverage technology to create the right technological solutions. The longevity of technology depends upon superior architecture. In this issue of Fintellect, we have shared a number of success stories that highlight the Polaris group as a global Financial Technology leader.
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Agenda Setters’ in The Banking World

Innovation is not always represented by the latest gadget that grabs popular imagination with simple yet stunning visual aesthetics. Innovation is most often, the invisible guiding principle that enables what we take for granted, happen in a seemingly effortless manner – day after day after day! And it is this innovation that we have repeatedly demonstrated, that has made us the technology ‘agenda setter’ for the BFSI world.
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Unlocking Efficiency

In this issue of Fintellect, we have captured myriad instances of value creation in Financial technology using a combination of Products, Services and Solutions. These have helped CXOs and business managers across the world greatly in launching new products and services in the shortest possible time and unparalleled ease of decision making at the right time.
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Leader in Global Financial Technology

Fintellect (Vol. 102) covers CBX and updates from Sibos 2009. The issue also showcases select Intellect™ wins across the globe, analysts' view of Intellect™ and newly formed partnerships.
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Towards Global Financial Technology Leadership

Today's market is all about 'it's more'! As industry leaders are looking towards stretching assets, maximizing returns and enhancing customer experience, clearly the focus has shifted to outperforming resources and delivering more to their customers. The Inaugural issue of Fintellect showcases how we have leveraged our deep domain expertise in financial technology and have enabled customers across the globe to do 'more' with their technology investments.
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