Intellect is all about knowledge and people. True to its future-ready DNA, Intellect drives high performance and high productivity not through conventional processes, but by designing the workplace of tomorrow – ‘Workplace Next’.

So what is it that sets apart Workplace Next? In two words – Emotional Content. This is the elusive ingredient that keeps entrepreneurships with 20 or 50 people fired up, but disappears when the company scales up. Intellect nurtures and preserves this emotional content – the soul of a startup.

No More Employees! - The word employee is derogatory. It belittles talent. Any contributing member of a high-performance team is on the same level. The mindset, the employee-employer relationship, must change. At Intellect, there are only 'Associates'. No employees.

Work is Engagement - There is no question of engaging an associate through artificial means. Work itself should engage. It is a matter of aligning challenge and competency. If the challenge is 20% higher than competency, the associate is always in flow.

The 4 Cs - The associate brings a lot into the system. He comes with knowledge. He brings content. And it is up to the organisation to provide context. He/she is then given the opportunity to connect with the customer and equipped to effectively communicate, to influence.

Coach, not manager - Transactional communication must become conversation. And a manager must become a coach, to get the best out of the associate. The coach's role is to identify the blind spot the associate might have, to discover not just known unknowns, but to identify the unknown that the associate does not yet realise he/she needs to know.

Octopus: Facebook for Corporates - But what sort of a system can support the sort of dialogue that transforms a transactional communication into a constant conversation? Well, there are technologies on the outside - WhatsApp or Facebook for instance. The challenge is to bring them into an organisation. The solution is an enterprise social network! Built on the IBM Connect platform, Intellect has Octopus, its very own ESN, replete with social circles, virtual project rooms and knowledge circles, all on the same platform. The work conversations thus continue, without any obstruction to the social circle.

Family, the fulcrum - The human connection is as vital as the virtual one. At Intellect, there is a strong corporate community where associates support one another and share a bond beyond the workplace. Spending evenings together, celebrating festivals together. And the Intellect community includes the associate's family as much as the associate. No celebration is perfunctory, no gathering is forced. Family is engaged with a purpose, and recognized for what it is - the biggest support system of an associate.

Structures with soul - What part does the physical structure of the workplace play? Simply put, it supports all the other elements of the ideal workplace. A Harvard study showed that cubicle environments block associates into holes, cuts them off from each other. A collaborative, open environment, on the other hand, upped productivity by 40%. Throw in sufficient amounts of freedom and privacy, and productivity thrives. Intellect goes one further. Mix tactile thinking with work thinking. Panels and panels of white board space and glass, the future workplace on millions of squarefeet. The key is to designing around the talent. The everyday associate needs a decent amount of exercise to function, but it seldom happens. A gymnasium, for instance, with a facility for the associate to shower after, is ideal.