The Human capital DNA is envisaged around six core programs.

Lakshya  |   Konark  |   Unmukt  |   Nalanda  |   Hum  |   Ullas


The global brand and positioning that Intellect enjoys today is largely credited to a unique annual visioning exercise, also known as Lakshya.  Lakshya is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘goal’. The significance of Lakshya is that the annual program involves every single employee in the organisation, ground up.  Every single employee envisages the Intellect of his/her dreams and engages in this large scale interventional program.  Besides the visioning, employees are actively encouraged to present the road map to the goal thus envisaged.

Lakshya stands testimony to the maxim ‘Thinking without Constraints’. It seeks to eliminate the ‘limiting beliefs’ in the organisation and seeks to set thinking free and without fear of failure.

The format of Lakshya is another interesting aspect.  It is conducted in three phases spread across a month. Typically held from the end of November to the end of the December, Lakshya is run by an elected chairperson along with his/her executive council. The chairperson is typically chosen from the top 100 leaders in the organisation (also known as Corporate Executive Council). Every year, there is a central theme around which the organisation rallies around..

  • Pre Lakshya - The Lakshya season begins with the Pre Lakshya.  It is literally an awakening call for the organisation’s subconscious! This phase is marked by a multitude of contests, brain storming and dialogue sessions, white papers, presentations and a day-long cross-functional workshop, across the length and breadth of the organisation.  Pre Lakshya is also a fantastic platform for spotting high potential talent in the company.
  • Lakshya 2 - This happens typically two weeks after Pre Lakshya. This phase focuses on the aspirations and growth of individual lines of business in the organisation. It happens at a two-day offsite with about 50 members from each of the business. Path breaking ideas and white spaces are explored in granular detail. Any input / innovation from Pre Lakshya can be taken up by the business for steering their growth agenda.
  • The Grand Lakshya - This is a three-day intense program, involving the top 150 leaders of the company and mega contributors from Pre Lakshya and Lakshya 2.

The first day traditionally starts with the key note address by the chairman, followed by the ‘Magic of Appreciation’ session.  Every participant is asked to convey his/her sincere appreciation to another participant along with the ‘why’ of it and a specially designed certificate of appreciation. Over the years, this little certificate has become one of the most treasured possessions of Lakshya participants.

This is followed by thought provoking presentations/addresses by various leaders.  The first day also includes a common learning session, where we have had eminent leaders from other industries, top notch CXOs from client organisations and globally respected thought leaders and analysts. This day, thus, sets the macro picture for the leadership, along with the performance of the year.

The second day begins with a group session of Yoga and the customary ‘Lakshya Run’.  On this day, the group is divided into multiple teams and again, care is given to designing the teams with members from diverse backgrounds. The sessions are conducted on parallel tracks where each team goes into the myriad details of the ‘chosen’ vision. The evening of the second day is simply, UNIHIBITED FUN. Internal talent is given the spot light and a theme is chosen for the evening. 

The best part of the second day is the ‘Through the Night’ exercise. Each team is given a theme around which they work through the night! The topic is only provided to the teams at 10:00 pm.

Amidst major bonhomie and deliberations, the teams gear up their presentations for presenting on the third day.

The third day, which begins at 11.00am, witnesses serious ideas, winning ideas whacky ideas, and never-before ideas that are usually detailed out thoroughly. History of the company reveals that some of the most successful ideas and decisions came out of Lakshya.  Instances include the decision to focus on BFSI solutions and to ‘let go’ of the Y2K bug, the decision to acquire OrbiTech and build an IP-rich company, the decision to build a strong Global Transaction banking (GTB) business, to name a few.

The second-half of the third day is also a much awaited part of the event.  It begins with the ‘Raymond Awards’ that are a set of awards for all the gaffs during Lakshya proceedings! This is followed by the organisational Anthem, which is sung by the entire group, after which all participants take a pledge to work towards the vision and Lakshya's curtains come down with a quick contest on a possible theme, slogan and logo for the next Lakshya.

Thus Lakshya cannot be just summed up as a tradition or an event. It has played a pivotal role in the growth of the company as well as in evoking and aligning the organisational subconscious to a larger purpose.


The word 'Konark' is derived from the Sun Temple in the state of Odisha, India and stands as a symbol for energy and excellence. ‘Konark’ is a special program in Intellect, designed with a view to spot, reward and nurture role models and change agents in the organisation.

Konarks are expected to lead the organisation in times of change as well as anchor mission critical programs for strategic clients. Each major program for our key engagements is managed by a ‘Konark’. The program again cuts through hierarchy, roles, functions and designations. Roughly 10% of the associates are Konarks.

The ‘Konark’ selection process is one of the most stringent in the company as the potential ‘Konark’ must display and continue to display leadership behaviour in the organisation.  It is a matter of great pride for the associate to become a ‘Konark’ and to be part of this privileged group. A privilege that represents trust and responsibility. The initiation itself is an occasion to remember.

Felicitation Ceremony: The ‘Konark’ Felicitation programme is the grand initiation of a ‘Konark’ into a privileged circle. The privilege in this case is greater responsibility and trust. The event is attended by existing Konarks as well as by new Konarks with their family members. The associate is welcomed as a ‘Konark’ with a ‘Konark’ blazer, a tie / scarf, a lapel pin and a specially crafted ‘Konark’ Trophy.

Diwali Mela: Recognising the brightest potential leaders is important, and nurturing their relationship to Intellect, even more so. The festival of lights is all the brighter when the stars of Intellect gather under one roof with their families – the fraternity at work as well as the loved ones from home. In a joyous evening full of music, fun and food, Konarks are reminded of the precious bond they share with Intellect. The simple process of capturing this on camera is an endearing illustration of camaraderie.



Intellect is an organisation that aggressively promotes learning. The flagship learning program of the company is branded under Unmukt. Unmukt is a Hindi word metaphorically referring to the ‘glide of the birds’ or in other words, freeing one's potential.

Given that this is the most crucial program in Intellect, it combines Intellectual Quotient with the Emotional Quotient. It is a potent amalgamation of the company's core philosophies - Design Thinking & Complexity Reduction.

The program is anchored by the Chairman of the company, Arun Jain. The Unmukt program is a day-long program.  The Chairman has rendered this program to over 2000 employees.

This program is best "experienced"!



Nalanda, named after the world-famous ancient university is Intellect’s Corporate University, under which all learning related programs are rendered.

Nalanda’s mission is to facilitate development of Individual and Team Competencies addressing business challenges and aligning to the organisation's goals.  It takes immense efforts to make Learning more effective and more accessible, facilitate High Performance and contribute to the Business Success.

For more information about Nalanda, please click here.



This is the family connect program, run by Intellect. In these days of globalisation and unit families, our roots, identity and family connect is becoming more relevant than ever. To celebrate the power of togetherness and families, the company runs a unique family connect program under the ‘Hum’ umbrella. Hum is a Hindi word, meaning 'togetherness'. 

The spirit of Hum is captured by way of programs for families, family involvement in Intellect celebrations as well as the Family kits designed by the Hum team.


Ullas has been rated as India's best CSR program.

Ullas Trust (organisation-wide CSR initiative) was started in 1997 by the associates of the organisation, with an aim to integrate Intellect with a larger community and enable them to enjoy the bliss of working with young minds in the country.

The primary motive of Ullas is to recognise academic excellence in students from the economically challenged sections of our society and encourage the ‘Can do’ spirit towards chasing their dreams and aspirations. Very early in its evolution, Ullas decided to focus its energies on students during the most vulnerable stage in their journey – adolescence!  This would translate into students from Class (Grade) 9th to 12th.

With these two-pronged criteria, Ullas selects students from Municipal, Corporation and Government schools every year through an entrance examination and a well-defined selection process.  We call such students Young Achievers

Guiding Principles

Ullas has created integrated and holistic programs to encourage the ‘Can do’ spirit in young students based on six guiding principles given below.

  1. A young mind learns through his/her observations and by expanding his view. One can broaden his/her vision in this manner.
  2. A young mind gets inspired by experiencing role models. Its only when one observes benchmarks of success can one even think about it.
  3. A young mind gets energised and further encouraged by recognition in a larger group.
  4. Between the ages of 13 and 16, the maximum change in one’s thought process occurs and any positive influence gets amplified
  5. To bring anything to reality one needs to visualise it. When one pens his or her dreams on paper one’s own personal commitment to the dreams increases and the chances of achieving the dream increases
  6. During the journey towards achieving dreams, if one’s thoughts are supported and discussed with a mentor, friend and guide, it inspires and accelerates momentum towards one’s goals.

Ullas runs two flagship programs. One is the weekend enrichment program, called SUMMIT that covers 8000 High school students across Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. The second is the Touch the Soil Program that covers over one lakh students every year in the districts and rural areas in India.

Unleashing human potential is what we believe is the outcome of deploying the above programs carefully and consistently, with conviction.

Work Culture - Inspired Workplace


At Intellect, each celebration brings with it the magic of appreciation, and nurtures the culture of sharing successes with the Intellect community at large.