Intellect strongly believes in an open environment that is congenial to enhance performance and enable growth. For this, it believes that the principles of Rewarding value adding effort, Recognising organisation aligned behavior and Appreciating collaborative effort are imperative and thus, these principles are aligned with our DNA.

Intellect associates, at every level, are recognised for the efforts they make in improving the domain they work and influence be it exciting livewire projects, imperative testing requirements or at the corporate backend supporting the business. Here, in project teams with recognition comes not only rewards, but also greater responsibility. What better example than the Konarks? Reward, recognition and responsibility!

The management also believes that recognition and reward should be spontaneous and public. In this regard, Intellect has set up a system that rewards and records associates’ performance.

FT Credits: A unique, peer-level, point-reward system that can be given awarded by any associate to anyone in the organisation, senior, junior or peer. This reward can be converted to utility products.

Spot Award: As the name suggests, this award is given almost instantaneously and before the entire project team. Doesn’t it feel great to be recognised amongst friends!

GEM Award: 'Going the Extra Mile' is what this award stands for. It is for those who have taken the initiative in taking that one extra step beyond the call of duty. GEM awardees get recognised as the ‘go to’ people in the team.

Global Annual Excellence Award: The entire organisation looks up at the awardee when he/she climbs up the stage on Intellect Day to receive the award from the senior-most of the organisation. This award is given to an associate who has made a significant contribution to the organisation during the past year.

Konark: This is a prestigious group that every associate aspires to be in. Its membership is approximately 10% of the total organisation’s strength. Its members are the acknowledged change agents of Intellect. You can read more about this unique club here.

Thus, Intellect endeavours to build a culture abiding and robust human capital. We believe these values will drive the organisation from an ‘advance start up’ to global game changer in the financial technology arena.